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Vigoto provides advanced digital set-top box products that increase ROI for cable operators and provide new exciting features for consumers.

The key: A single digital set-top box to serve all TVs in the home!

Vigoto’s VigoBox is a revolutionary DVR-enabled digital set-top box that serves multiple TVs through the existing coaxial cable, reducing equipment needs to just one unit per household instead of one set-top box per room. The centralized VigoBox can be controlled remotely from each room. It is a home media network.

VigoBox also has the unique ability to record 5 channels (or more for heavy users) simultaneously, opening the door to new revenue-generating services for cable operators. It can be easily customized to address each cable operator’s unique needs.

Vigoto offers the cable operator full flexibility in specifying the system and creating the customer experience.

Vigoto is working in collaboration with Fortrend Marketing for marketing and business development services. Fortrend Marketing is enabling Vigoto to further product development and reach additional agreements with channel partners and industry players.

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